Winter Maintenance Services

Ground Control is the largest private gritting and snow clearance provider in the UK. We provide our service to over 10,500 sites that benefit from our proactive gritting services, along with snow clearance and forecasting ability. 

In the grip of winter, you can ensure that your business doesn’t come to a standstill with our nationwide commercial winter maintenance services. Local teams are always close by to ensure your safety and continued productivity throughout the winter, however harsh the weather conditions. To support this, we have hundreds of accredited winter maintenance teams on standby, ready for deployment anywhere across the country.

A big part of our success is our proactivity. Thanks to our forecasting and monitoring capabilities, we can keep tabs on local and national weather conditions to ensure rapid response to guarantee your business can continue operating. Our service also includes live reporting on the tasks we have completed, so you can stay in the loop on when we have finished gritting, clearance and other services. 

The Winter Maintenance Package 

Make it easy to maintain the safety of your site in the cold months with our comprehensive winter maintenance package. With our tailored packages, you can ensure that every aspect of your commercial site is taken care of throughout the winter months. 

Our services, which can be included as part of this all-encompassing package, include: 

To discover more about our dependable winter grounds maintenance, simply contact our professionals today. 

Gritting & Salt Spreading

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Snow Clearance

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